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Série 1


Transport plays an impotant role in the development process. In the Democraic Republic of Congo (DRC) it is one of the bottle-necks to development because of insufficiency of transport means and roads in bad repair.
Considering both the large land area and its geographic features of the DRC, it is impossible to foresee economic development without due consideration of the need for building and maintaining a diversified, reliable and effective transport network, like there was in the colonial era.
Nowasays, the DRC transport system relies on a navigable river network of 15,000 km consisting of the River Congo, its Tributay Rivers and lakes.
Non – navigable portions are linked by railroads. This entire transport pattern constitutes a multimodal transport network, which combines waterways, railways, roads, air routes and sea routes.
The transport network comprises 5,064 km of railways. It also consists of 145,000 km of secondary rural roads and permanent roads. The national transport infrastructure extends across the national territory from Banana city to Sakania town with some sea, rail and river linkages.


1. The title which suits the first paragraph is : (EXETAT 2018)
a. DRC and its Characteristics.
b. The importance of Transport System.
c. DRC Railways and Road’s Length.
d. DRC Waterways.
e. DRC transport’s Solution.

2. The idea that DRC has a long network of waterways contains in paragraph : (EXETAT 2018)
a. 3
b. 4
c. 1
d. 2
e. 5

3. it underlined in the fifth paragraph stands for the : (EXETAT 2018)
a. Transport pattern.
b. River Congo.
c. Large land.
d. Transport sector.
e. Transport network.

4. The word era (§2) means : (EXETAT 2018)
a. Many lines crossing each other.
b. A recognizable way in which something is done or organized.
c. Time in history.
d. Ground, country, piece of land.
e. Noticeable part of anything.

5. Suppose that you were asked to solve the problem of transport system in DRC on railways. You would : (EXETAT 2018)
a. Buy many new ships.
b. Order some new trains.
c. Build and maintain ways on earth.
d. Think of many paths in the bushes.
e. Organize a company with a lot of planes.

6. As far DRC development is concerned, waterways have the advantage of : (EXETAT 2018)
a. Carrying goods where ships cannot pass.
b. Flying goods in distant places.
c. Taking care of imported products.
d. Allowing trucks to move goods.
e. Floating goods where ships can pass.


7. Tick the usual numbered position for a correct sentence with these words : yesterday (4) the (5) moved (3) boy (6) rapidly (2) here ( 1) . (EXETAT 2018)
a. 134562
b. 356241
c. 425613
d. 563214
e. 423561

8. “Mazebo ate an apple “. The passive alternative of this sentence is “An apple: (EXETAT 2018)
a. Was eaten by Mazebo “
b. Will be eaten by Mazebo . “
c. Has been eaten by Mazebo “.
d. it is eaten by Mazebo “.
e. Had been eaten by Mazebo “.

9. « There is … hair in my soup and … envelop on the table. The correct words to complete this sentence are : (EXETAT 2018)
a. The – an
b. this-the
c. a – an
d. the – a
e. the – the

Série 2

Text 2.

The tourism industry has exploded in recent decades and the number of travellers grows year after year. Quicker, cheaper, and safer transportation to almost every corner of the earth is one reason for this growth. A second reason is the explosion in the number of the world’s citizens who now have the leisure time and money to travel. The longer lives and better health of many of the world’s peoples is a third reason. Finally, the global communications available everywhere make people more aware of the marvelous sites of the world.
This boom in tourism has given rise to a great number of new jobs and increased economic prosperity in countries across the world. But, tourism can usher in problems. Indeed, the millions of tourists of an area can decline.
The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is endowed with a huge tourism potential but this is presently untapped despite the existence of the Tourism Ministry, the National office of Tourism and the Promotion Funds for Tourism, which have responsability to boost the sector through adequate policies and projets. Among the man tourist attractions of the DRC are national parks, museums, botanical and zoological sites and several sites of interest in connection with the history of the country and its culture and traditions.


1. The title which best suits the first paragraph is : (EXETAT 2018)
a. Touristic famous places.
b. Tourism explosion here and there.
c. Lack of touristic plans.
d. Touristics decision making.
e. Money made from tourism.

2. The idea that tourism has created labor activities which employ many people can be found in paragraph(s) : (EXETAT 2018)
a. 3
b. 1
c. 4
d. 2
e. 2 and 3

3. According to this passage, the first reason which makes people enjoy tourism is the : (EXETAT 2018)
a. Facilities to exchange information.
b. Knowledge that they acquired at school.
c. Free period and the financial means they possess.
d. State of not being ill.
e. Facilities to move from one place to another.

4. The negative effect of the boom in tourism is that : (EXETAT 2018)
a. Their plans aren’t put in practice.
b. New jobs are created.
c. Some hotels have no clients.
d. Tourists run a permanent danger.
e. Bills for travellers are less expensive.

5. Imagine that you were a five-star hotel owner. Your contribution to move tourism forward in DRC would be to : (EXETAT 2018)
a. Increase the amount of bills for strangers.
b. Suggest ways to allow the country make money.
c. Pay taxes after serving meals and drinks.
d. Low the price to rent different rooms.
e. Elaborate laws and control the government.

6. Association the words in column (I) with their meaning in column (II) to make a good combination (III). (EXETAT 2018)
1. Boom;
2. Huge;
3. Decade;
4. Growth;
5. Available
a. Act of becoming larger;
b. state of being well;
c. successfulness in business
d. time of quick money-making in business
e. very large
f. period of ten years

1. 1a, 2b, 3c, 4d, 5e
2. 1d, 2e, 3f, 4a, 5c
3. 1c, 2d, 3a, 4f, 5b
4. 1f, 2a, 3d, 4e, 5b
5. 1b, 2f, 3e, 4d, 5a


7. “The global communication makes people more aware, … ? The correct expression to complete this sentence is : (EXETAT 2018)
a. Don’t they
b. didn’t they
c. didn’t it
d. won’t they
e. doesn’t it

8. “Tourists would have gone to Goma if the plane … On time”. The correct form of the verb to complete this sentence is : (EXETAT 2018)
a. Would
b. are
c. will
d. had been
e. were

9. “The traveler…… I gave the lette ris my friend “.
The correct word to complete this sentence is : (EXETAT 2018)
a. To whom
b. which
c. whom
d. who
e. whose

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